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    Our walk-in clinic is ideal for short-term urgent issues and times
    when you are not able to see your doctor in a timely manner.
  • Health Card needed for every visit
    All provincial health cards (with the exception of Quebec) are accepted at the walk-in.
    Expired health cards will not be accepted. Please go to Service Ontario to update
    your expired healthcard before your visit.
  • Wharncliffe Walk In Clinic
    Staffed by experienced family doctors to
    address your urgent health care need

Our Services

Occasionally a patient may require a service that is uninsured and not covered by OHIP or their provincial health care. Examples of uninsured services are sick notes, insurance forms, government forms, and employment and MTO Physicals. Patients will be required to pay for any of these services, and official receipts will be provided. Patients are seen on a first-come first-served basis with no booked appointments. We welcome UHIP and non-OHIP patients, and will provide referrals to outside specialists when needed.

Outside Specialist Referral

In some cases, it may be appropriate to refer our patients to medical specialists and other organizations within the community.

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UHIP and Non-OHIP Patients Welcome

The Wharncliffe Walk-In Clinic accepts all Provincial Health Cards, with the exception of Quebec.

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Medical Notes & Forms

When necessary, the physicians at the Walk-In Clinic can provide you with Medical Notes (such as sick notes, return to work notes, etc) and Medical Forms.

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Third Party Physical Exams

We can provide third-party physical exams when a patient provides the necessary documentation for the exam.

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MTO Drivers Physical Exams

The Wharncliffe Walk-In Clinic is happy to provide MTO Driver’s Physical Exams.

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Non-Urgent Primary Medical Care

The Wharncliffe Walk-In Clinic is able to provide non-urgent primary medical care.

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